Events & Clubs

  • Powerstock Cider Festival – 25th April 2015

      Another great year at the Powerstock Cider Festival. Twenty seven cider makers from near and far came to join in the fun on Saturday at Powerstock village Hall, known as the Hut. It is always great to see old friends again and discuss the current happenings in the cider world. It was also good to welcome a few newcomers, Tutts

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  • West Milton Cider Club

    Our local club was formed in 2000 when I had to pick up apples from an orchard being grazed by Dawn’s horses. Having collected them and knowing they were cider apples I asked around the village if anyone fancied having a go at making cider. Low and behold 20 neighbours signed up with £20.00 donations and the West Milton Cider

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  • Powerstock Cider Festival

    The first ever Festival was held at Powerstock Hut in November 2001. This was in response to a call to arms when the village hall had just been rebuilt and was totally bereft of funds. Having held a very successful tasting evening at the West Milton cider shed in the winter of 2000 I suggested we could try and expand

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