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For generations cider makers toiled by candle and moonlight to work their magic transforming apple juice into alcohol. Here in West Milton the alchemy continues today. These days life is easier, but we still stick to the same time honoured principles – select the best apples from the best orchards, mill them, squeeze them, put them in a barrel and let the magic happen. We add nothing, we take nothing away. This is real cider as nature intended.


Click here to find out about our range of traditional ciders in bottle and draught, and also our very tasty apple juice.
Tramadol Order Online Cod


It’s been a fascinating journey through the world of cider – the subject never ends and each year we seem to discover something new…
Tramadol Online Prices

Order Tramadol Cod Saturday Delivery - Cheap Tramadol From India

  • Lancombe Rising is the best cider ever, it’s the only one I drink. Thank you for making it so delicious
  • "Lancombe Rising is so gorgeous, I'm a huge fan" - Olly Smith Mail on Sunday Drink
  • What do you put in your cider that makes it so addictive to our customers?



There are no upcoming events.

Cheap Tramadol Overnight to read more about what we’ve been upto and upcoming events