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This cider is made using the ancient art of Keeving, which produces a very slow, full-flavoured fermentation. It is bottled while still young, retaining the natural sugars, to finish with a medium taste, fine natural sparkle and a nutty, caramel background. We offer it in two sizes at 75cl to share, or 37.5cl for individual drinking.

50cl  |  5% ABV.

  award-winning-cider-rosette   AWARDS    

Tramadol Order Online Cod

Awarded Gold in the Bottle Conditioned class and  Supreme Royal Bath & West Champion 2017

Taste of the West

Online Tramadol AustraliaGold 2016

Highly Commended 2015

Royal Bath & West Show

Tramadol Online PricesReserve Supreme champion cider 2015

Order Tramadol Us To UsGold in Bottle Conditioned Class – 2015
2nd in Bottle Conditioned Class – 2014
2nd in Bottle Conditioned Class – 2013
“Highly Commended” – 2011

Senator Christian Revet Cup
1st in Sparkling Cider –  2009