Dorset’s Big Knob Festival!

Dorset’s Big Knob Festival!

Obviously there is a lot of milage in a title like that but of course I am referring to West dorset’s annual knob-biscuit throwing contest that has become bigger every year. Even with the weather threatening to dampen the crowds and turn knobs into soggy mush the event was still a rip roaring, biscuit bunging success.

We were delighted to be there again this year and even more delighted when the early drizzle fizzled out, and the sun shone through, at least it didn’t rain from 9.00 ’till 4.30 so that was just about perfect timing.

The cider drinkers were out in force again this year, even with the temptations of three breweries on hand to distract them we did a very brisk trade all day with lots of favourable comments about our ciders. However we weren’t alone and Nigel from Bridge Farm Cider seemed to be lost in the crowds at the other end of the tent for most of the day. Interestingly Palmers Brewery have just launched their own cider called Dorset AppleBee and this would have been the first time a lot of people would have come across it. It is made by Sheppeys using Dorset apples and comes in a typical keg form with lots of gas and sweetness, not necessarily to the taste of traditional cider drinkers but I have no doubt it will go down a storm with fans of that style of fizzy cider, I expect they will do very well in the summer.

Elsewhere in the show Malcom from Creed Castle cider was challenging people with his very traditional bone dry stile of cider which probably sits at the exact opposite end of the Spectrum from the Apple Bee!    I didn’t get time to try the other ciders but I ‘ve no doubt with Twinways Cyder and another Somerset maker on the farmers market there would have been plenty of choice for the thirsty punters.

Not sure who ended up with the furthest flung knob but I did hear it had gone over 20m which, given the head on wind was quite an acheivement. So well done to all the organisers – looking forward to next year.